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Apply to become a Trusted Journalist by filling out the form below. We will use the information to create your structured data profile, which is formatted in a way Google’s algorithms can easily understand.

Each of these fields can help you prove your E-A-T to Google. While most of the information will not be visible on the front-end of the Trusted Journalist website, it will all be visible in the source code and through Google’s structured data testing tool. If there is any information you wish to remain private, leave those fields blank.

Make sure to write a detailed biography that lists your verifiable experience and qualifications, including links to all the news publications you want Google to know you have written for. Include FULL URLs to your author pages on these websites. You may also include information about your education and expertise within your field.

Must be the same name as you use on other sites.
Write a full BIO, including FULL URLs to your author pages on the websites you write for. E.g. Include FULL URLs to other resources that can verify your experience and knowledge, like a Wikipedia page or about me page.
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