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Trusted Journalist is a service made for journalists to help improve their E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) for Google. Due to ongoing fake news and hateful content distribution, Google is penalizing any news site and journalist that it cannot verify the legitimacy or background of. Even if a trusted news site, or an experienced journalist, is open about their affiliations, political standings, investments (and so forth), and present their correct contact information, Google might not understand it or trust it.

If a journalist claims certain attributions, experience, knowledge, and education in their BIOs, Google must be able to verify it. It cannot verify it by just visiting the author page of that journalist or an article with their BIO. Claims made on an author page or in a BIO must source the sites that can verify these claims. That’s the only way Google can give a journalist, and hence a news site, more E-A-T-score.

By utilizing Trusted Journalist, journalists can create a loop between the different sources they write for, including other sites that can verify their experience. Trusted Journalist creates a correct structured data schema for each applicant. This ensures that Google fully understands the information on Trusted Journalist, and that it can easily verify that any information provided is accurate.

The Structure

Let’s take an example. If Bob writes for CNBC, SeekingAlpha, MotleyFool, and Marketwatch, he should:

  1. Create a BIO on these sites that is accessible either on all articles he writes or on his separate author page. The BIO should be as extensive as possible to generate trust within the topics he writes about.
  2. Within the BIO, there should be a “Follow”-link to his personal website or his page.
  3. On his page, he should write a summarized BIO combining the BIOs on CNBC, SeekingAlpha, MotleyFool, and Marketwatch. He should also link to his author pages on these four sites from Trusted Journalist.
  4. If Bob got a certain degree/education, he should do some research on whether or not this information is available online. Linking to this could help, especially if Bob could get a link back from e.g. a University or College to his personal website or his page.

By creating a loop for Google, Google can plainly check if Bob is who he says he is and if he really writes for all the other sites he mentions in e.g. SeekingAlpha’s author page bio.

How will this help?

  • Increase the journalist’s E-A-T
  • Increase the news site(s) E-A-T
  • Increase the Google ranking and traffic of the journalist’s work
  • Increase the Google ranking and traffic of the news site’s articles

Remember: The more you can prove for Google, the more Google will trust you as a journalist and writer.

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